The 9th Annual WVMV-FM (V98.7) Smooth JazzFest for the weekend of June 22-24 on the green in front of the Southfield Civic Center. The event starts Friday afternoon with Jazz Attack featuring and . The Saturday headliner will be with special guests and Sunday, it's . Many more details at 248-855-5100 and

"The River After-Work Party" happening in downtown Detroit, 5-7 p.m. May 18. CIDR-FM (93.9, the River) hosts; free appetizers, concert ticket giveaways and a special acoustic set by who will be performing at the State Theatre the following night with . 21 and over welcome; admission is free.

By Ypsilanti public station WEMU-FM (89.1 and its High Definition radio channel. WEMU2 is all music and plays a mix of roots, folk, Americana and blues from local, national and regional artists. The current playlist includes and along with local favorites and the .

To enter to win, go to ; entries will be accepted through noon Wednesday, with winners being contacted immediately thereafter.

• "My dream bike (referring to the Triumph Bonneville). It's just so odd that it's a dream bike -- you could buy three of them for the price of an average Harley -- but we all have to decide in life: Are we going to remain faithful to a single example, or are we going to become collectors? I'm quite anti-collecting. One must commit.

• "To throw a good punch is as hard as hitting a good forehand or a good golf shot. But those guys hitting good forehands and golf shots don't have someone hitting them in the face while they're doing it, which, I can tell you, throws you off your game a bit."

"I've been white-knuckling it for so long. Between the first "Lord of the Rings" and this ("Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End"), I've been going nonstop. I would come off one movie and straightaway start the next picture. ... I was letting the machinery sort of run me. ... So now, on a personal level, I just want some time and space away from everything, from all that."

"Think about finding out when you're 13 that your dad is not your dad. It's like: 'OK, take it on the chin and keep going.' No choice, really."

"For four days, I was thinking 'This is it,' that I would be living my life in a wheelchair, and then I thought, no, and I knew I would walk. I just knew."

For fanatics only: Remember the '80s movie "The Karate Kid"? Check out the latest video from "Sweep the Leg," which was inspired by the flick. , who played Johnny Lawrence in the film, directed the music video, which also features a cameo by the Karate Kid himself, the now grown .

Zabka told the May issue of Stuff it's been hard living down the bullying character who tormented Macchio. "I've spent a lot of my life defusing the idea of who people think I am. Back when 'The Karate Kid' first came out, I was told that I had a local Valley gang that was looking to fight me."

Sanjaya fever continues apace: In an interview with People about his sex appeal, says, "I've always gotten along with girls better because I was raised by women."

The perplexingly popular pop phenom says because he grew up with his ma and sis, (the dad split when the singer was 3), he gets girls and has an immediate rapport with them.

Meanwhile, the National Enquirer has uncovered a dark -- yet mellow, groovy and sexy -- fact about Sanjaya's sis. She was busted in '05 in Pierce County, Wash., after cops found her guarding a veritable forest of pot plants (310, to be exact) in the Malakar family garage.

Sis turned snitch and led authorities to a nearby pot-growing facility, where the singer's mom, , and stepdad, , were picked up. Blith was lucky: She could have earned up to five years in prison, but got off with a 30-day sentence.

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