With apologies to ESPN, which felt the need to trot out some 20 "experts" to cover it, and the many thousands of fanatics who studied up and attended parties or simply locked in on their widescreen all day, this year's NFL Draft had all the sex appeal of Rosie O'Donnell.

Nobody created that type of buzz this year. And nobody appears to be a can't-miss impact player like Peyton Manning or Julius Peppers. And there were no blockbuster deals, like the 2001 trade that turned out to be Michael Vick for LaDainian Tomlinson.

Four safeties safeties! were among the first 24 selections. The top pick, JaMarcus Russell, is a combine wonder who's as likely to be a bust as a Pro Bowler. The consensus best player, wide receiver Calvin Johnson, went where receivers go to die: Detroit.

Easily the best-known available player, the telegenic Notre Dame quarterback was considered by many to be the likely No. 1 overall pick not so long ago and a certain top-10 selection. But apparently teams refused to ignore the fact that Quinn's next great performance in a big game will be his first.

Yeah, right. Running back Marshawn Lynch went No. 12 to Buffalo despite December accusations of a sexual assault. And the Patriots had no qualms about taking head-stomping, gun-toting Miami safety Brandon Meriweather.

It was a pretty dull day for Ravens fans, who had to wait until nearly 6 p.m. for their team's first choice. And then Baltimore made the ultimate non-sexy pick, taking a guard.

Auburn's Ben Grubbs became the Ravens' first offensive lineman selected in the first round since Jonathan Ogden. Of course, that pick turned out pretty well.

And that's the thing. Sexy creates excitement. Sexy sells tickets. But sexy doesn't win games. Just ask fans who were delighted when their teams took Ki-Jana Carter, Tim Couch, and Charles Rogers.

Last year's top pick, Haloti Ngata, wasn't a household name. And most fans surely had never heard of Dawan Landry, Chris Chester or Demetrius Williams. Until they started helping the Ravens win games.

"Everybody here is aware of the impact that last year's draft class had," Ravens coach Brian Billick said 10 days ago. "There are not any sexy names on that list.

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