Many of Baruch's clubs opt to put on so-called "fashion shows" as a source of self-promotion and as an outlet to connect themselves with the student body. Aside from Shop of Style, these productions can be reduced to a simple cocktail. Take one cheesy host who will only be familiar to those in the particular club's community, add a jigger of dance groups, a splash of frats and sororities attempting to step dance and garnish with choreographed scenes reminiscent of real fashion shows. And don't forget, to stir 30 minutes past the planned start time.

This was the case on April 20 at the Asian Flair Fashion Show presented by BASU. As Marlyn Frage and I sat down in our second row "VIP" seats, we introduced ourselves to Kat, a girl who does not attend Baruch. Kat was there to support Manny, one of the models. After chatting way past the 7 p.m. start time, the opening scene began. The Chinese Free Mason Athletic Club performed a traditional lion dance that filled the room with energy. The percussions from the beating drum were pulsing rhythmically with the hearts of the audience. Obliged to make a fashion remark, the dancers wore lion- themed pants that were out of season.

The first fashion scene was "spring and summer wear." I do not think I can distinguish properly between any of the scenes, since the target of each one - the business scene, the morning after scene, the formal scene, the clubbing scene, not to mention the lingerie scene - was sex appeal, gaining the attention of the horny male attendees.

I found the cultural scene to be quite beautiful with traditional Chinese long dresses, kimonos and other Asian-inspired costumes. I applaud the choreographers for making creative use of the stage, not only the straight portion of the runway; however, straying from linear walking is atypical for a "fashion show." The model selection was poor, save for Amy Yang, Elizabeth Tin, Jina Tong and Rezwana Hoque.

On to the barrage of dance troupes that performed, I found the Baruch Boys to be a nice way to start off the endless train of dancers, but next time, hands away from the crotch. Nu Alpha Phi's NAPhi Reality skit was entertaining. However, I only perceived one of the members as actually having what most refer to as "rhythm." Lighten up girls; it's something you're born with. The rest of the dancing Greek Asians are a blur, perhaps due to the overabundance. However, the special appearance by Belly Trance was a true treat. The women were almost bird-like and quite mesmerizing, which I did not feel to be overtly sexy, but the appeal was there.

My third time hearing the New York Boyz of Comedy was the first time I actually paid attention to the jokes. Victor Chu's humor was a bit dry, but I found Max May to be amusing. Perhaps it is because I have a soft spot for people that know how to make fun of themselves.

The headling performance by Notorious MSG was a cute and comical performance. Frage and I immensely enjoyed their outfits. I was on the edge of my seat when they sang 'Dim Sun Girl.' However, I wish they were not at the end of the show when I was bored and tired.

In closing, while I did not particularly enjoy the show, I do realize that I am not entirely the target audience. BASU achieved their goal of strengthening the bond between the Asian communities of Baruch, and brought me insight into their operations, traditions and talents.

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